Jehovah Jireh

A couple of years ago I created a little ditty I like to sing in the car that goes, “The burden is not yours/Jehovah Jireh/He will provide…” It gives me this huge boost of faith and confidence, spiritually as well as vocally, every time I belt it out late at night on the freeway. He carries all my burdens, and he WILL provide, because it’s who he is. 🙂

I have just been hired full time at the outdoor science school I’ve been subbing at, which means I’ll get to quit my restaurant job, live at camp, and also work at the Christian camp (same location, different program) on the weekends. This is a HUGE answer to prayer, naturally. It will mean a better income, two jobs I love, and a great community.

Plus, I’ve started selling some used things online. This week I’ve made over $20 selling a few books and doll items, and I have more listed on various websites. (Including this one–check out the Cyber Yard Sale page)

Little by little, it’s starting to come together. If this is something that God wants me to do, HE will make it possible.


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