For Everything There Is a Season

I am sitting at my desk in my room, with my laptop and my sewing machine in front of me. I slept in my own bed, on the bottom bunk, in my room alone last night. I haven’t been able to do either of these things since at least July. It’s a strange bittersweet feeling.

For the past five months our family has been blessed with a German foreign exchange student named Sarah. She is fifteen years old, attended the local high school, shared my room, and quickly became a true sister and daughter to us.

Sarah and I at In-N-Out, the day she left.

Sarah left yesterday evening with her father. They’re doing an American road trip for a few days before flying back to Germany.

The house feels so different without her here.

I only have a little over a week left at home myself. On January 6, a week from today, I am leaving my job at the Corky’s restaurant. On January 8, I am moving up to the mountains to be a trail guide for an elementary science school. I’ll be home now and then, but I’m expecting to call the mountains home till June… then I’ll be home in Rancho for a month before leaving for IHOP.

So many changes… life seems to be coming in very short and specific seasons these days. Life hasn’t stayed the same for more than a few months since I graduated from college last December. And who knows what 2013 will bring?

Most days when I think about all these changes I get very excited for the adventure I have been caught up into… other days, I just feel a bit lost and lonely and somehow homesick.


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