Pockets of Peace

I have been on CR at camp this week. CR stands for Concurrent Responsibility, in which I am acting as both a trail guide and a cabin leader, when usually I am only a trail guide. I spent Monday morning through Friday morning responsible 24/7 for ten 6th grade girls, making sure they’re dressed, clean, healthy, on time, and reasonably happy. Plus teaching them and hiking them with my cabin of boys. The only breaks I got were an hour and a half Monday evening, an hour on Wednesday, 45 minutes on Thursday, and whatever minutes I could snatch after the girls went to bed.

CR is not especially fun. I went into this week expecting to just grit my teeth and survive. And survive I did, but with a lot more joy than expected and a lot less teeth gritting.

For me the secret to CR is three words:

pockets of peace.


These little moments can be found everywhere, if I’m looking for them. A two minute conversation with a coworker while the kids are lining up for breakfast. A hot shower where I can be alone with my thoughts. A couple Dove chocolates with another stressed coworker during afternoon cabin time. A handful of licorice and a little Colbie Callait during a rare break. (Yes, candy is a theme with me.)

I don’t even have to be alone to find them. Just walking through the woods, even with 21 kids strung out along the trail behind me, I can look at the light through the trees and marvel at the colors and shadows. Even if I have only the time for a half-formed, wordless swell of wonder and gratitude before an eleven-year-old is peppering me with questions about bobcats and stories of lost iguanas, it’s enough to refresh my soul and give me energy until the next pocket of peace presents itself.

When it starts to feel like my entire life is this cabin and these kids, God reminds me in a thousand little ways that I am not CR. CR is just what I do, and “this too shall pass.” I am so grateful I have a God who never lets me get bogged down in stress, busyness, or fatigue. He ALWAYS sends me little moments of joy and peace to get me through. ♥

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:7 ESV

PS – I am on CR again next week. In the snow. With two new cabin leaders and over thirty students in my trail group. Please pray that I will still be able to find this peace.


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