I Will Waste My Life

Here’s another song I love dearly… I Will Waste My Life by Misty Edwards. (Misty is one of the worship leaders at IHOP.) And it’s not just the song, it’s this video in particular. The first time I watched it, I already knew and loved the song, but when I saw this performance I literally stopped breathing. All I could think was, I recognise this. I don’t know that wimpy guy playing Jesus, but that girl… so enamored, so in love, so ready to just take his hand and dance to the ends of the earth without looking back… I know her because she’s me.

And the moment at 2:40… yeah. I definitely recognise that moment too.

Waste is one of my favourite words in the English language. I have magazine cutouts spelling WASTE taped up on the wall over my bed. It always reminds me of Mary of Bethany, and how she wasted her perfume on Jesus’ feet.

Ah. Yes. Anyway, watch it.


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