Yesterday I emailed Niki, who has been my contact regarding my OTI admissions process, asking when I could expect to hear back about my acceptance. Today I woke up to find this in my inbox:

So sweet deal, I’m officially in!! Apparently this still isn’t the “official” acceptance email from the admissions office yet, but Niki was kind enough to expedite the process for me. 😉

Things I know now that I didn’t before:

The internship starts on Thursday, July 12, 2012, not July 5 as I previously thought. Check in is between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm on that day.

Graduation is December 17 and that is the day I will be moving out.

I will be living at  the Herrnhut Apartment complex just around the corner from the IHOP prayer room.

The dorms do have kitchens!

Guests may not stay in intern housing, but there are plenty of local hotels IHOP has connections with.

The NKJV Bible is the preferred version, but not required.

“We endeavor to create a sanctified living area for the interns; therefore movies and secular music are not permitted in the dorms.”

(^^Yeah… this one… I’m either gonna need a major heart change or a long talk to sort this out with the IHOP powers that be. I have large feelings about the whole idea of labeling media as “Christian” or “secular”… I wasn’t a theater arts major at a liberalish Christian college for nothing. BUT even there, there are way more important issues at stake, such as humility, unity, and submission to authority… so one way or another it’ll be fine.)


In any case, I am extremely excited and it’s pretty much worthless to ask me to think about anything else today.

God is faithful. ❤


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