Revelation Through Meditation

Node-Christian-Education1-large1_1_-782x664-01I blogged a while ago about “Obsession and Meditation” on the Bible, and although the truth is I don’t do this as often as I would like, I do have a few great tools to help me when I do. I mentioned to my sister the other day that when I go to IHOP I’ll be doing lots of hour long meditations on assigned verses– but it’s okay because I already know how. She was intrigued, so I decided to blog about what I’ve learned about meditation through something that Jake Hamilton teaches called “revelation through meditation.” He got it from a guy named Kirk Bennett, and I first heard it from Jake at a Jesus Culture (probably 2006 or 2007) at Vineyard Community Church in Laguna Niguel. He taught it again at a DTS in Kona in September 2010, and I was able to grab the podcast of that teaching off of itunes.

I’ve uploaded the last 18 minutes of that teaching as an mp3 HERE so you can download Jake’s teaching on this meditation process.

Basically, the idea is to sit down with one verse from the Bible written down on a piece of paper, put your Bible away, and interact with just that verse for a good length of time.

Here are the notes I took on Jake’s teaching, complete with a few wonderful quotes that help explain the process really well. (But really, download the mp3. It’s a gold mine, I promise.)


Revelation through Meditation- from Kirk Bennett ( as taught by Jake Hamilton at Kona DTS

Divide your paper into four sections. It might look something like THIS.

Section 1 – Write word for word one verse from the Bible. If you don’t know which one to use, a random verse in Psalms works fine.

Section 2 – The “brain dump.” Write your to-do list so you can capture it and not be distracted by it any longer. Suddenly remember you need to send an email, do laundry, and go shopping? Write it down and do it later.

Section 3 – “Other pursuits.” Don’t be distracted by the urge to go on rabbit trails or look up cross references. Write it down and do it later.

Step 1: READ IT. Put your Bible away; you just need a pen and this paper. Read the verse word for word and soak it in.

“There is not one Bible verse in the entire Bible that any human being on earth knows everything about… The Word of God is like a thousand sided gem, and every time the light refracts from it, you see something you never saw before.”

Step 2/Section 4: WRITE IT. This is a creative experiment, not word for word. Start by writing the verse over and over. (“A junior high punishment is becoming the glory of God.”) If something sticks out, go with it–doodle, etc.

“This is not supposed to be deep and profound; you’re just spending time with God in his Word… how many times should you write it? I don’t know, let’s start with a hundred. Let’s start there and see what happens.”

Step 3: SAY IT. This part is word for word.

“Why? Because now it’s moving from your head to your heart, because now you’re beginning to memorize Scripture. It’s being written on your heart. This stuff is being able to be written on your heart in such a way that when you’ve done this for a year, you’ll have a thousand passages that you’ve not only memorized, but you have fresh personal revelation of…You find revelation that even the ‘giants of our faith’ have never found. Because you’re a giant of the faith too.”

Step 4: SING IT. This time it’s NOT word for word. Make up your own song using the verse.

“I know what you’re thinking; you’re thinking, ‘well, I don’t sing.’ Even better. You know why that’s even better? Because it doesn’t cost me anything to sing a song because I know I can sing. When you sing, and you don’t know how to sing, it becomes a sacrifice only you can give to God… And it’s not a song you sing in your heart; STAND UP and begin to sing to the Lord. Sing to him a new song!”

Remember, when Jesus sent out the disciples, he didn’t divide tasks by skill (the singers sing, the teachers teach, etc), he said everyone do everything!

“A year from now, you’ll have hundreds of songs that only you and God know. You ever heard anybody talk about a secret history with God? You’re building one. You won’t even remember the song tomorrow, but guess Who will. You’re gonna get to heaven one day, and God’s gonna say to you, ‘I loved your song about John 3:16.’ And you’re gonna go, ‘…how’d that go again?’ And he’s gonna remember it. And you’re gonna have hundreds and thousands of little songs just like a child sings.”

Step 5: PRAY IT. This is moving into intercession. You’ve gotten a look into what God’s heart is concerning this passage, now pray it with authority.

“You’re learning how to write books, you’re learning how to preach, you’re learning how to write songs, and you’re learning how to be an intercessor. And all you tried to do was meditate on the Word of God. This is so much easier than we thought, you guys! This is not difficult stuff. God says, ‘I just wanna be with you; here’s a tool.’ And guess what? When you’re sitting in prison one day for your faith, you can still do it. You don’t need a pastor or a leader in front of you, because you know how to carry the presence of God, and you can do it with any passage you’ve memorized. Even if you go to prison with ten messages, ten little phrases in your head of Scriptures, you can take those and you’ll never for your entire life ever be able to get to the bottom of it.”

How long should you do all this for? 30 min – hour. “Because the goal is to come to the end of your flesh… The goal is to get to a place where your flesh can no longer sustain your quiet time… Stay in that tension and learn to embrace it in such a way your flesh begins to die and your spirit begins to live.”

This system is not law. You can do it differently and that’s okay! Just have fun and engage with God. Use it as a foundation and a tool, not law.

And we need GRACE to really do this. God, give us grace.


PS – For anyone who is interested in listening to the full message from Jake, it’s called “Worship, Revival, and the Church” and was preached at the Awaken DTS in Kona, Hawaii on Sepember 18, 2010. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be available on itunes anymore, BUT I have uploaded it in mp3 format for you to download. The series was taught over four days, so there are four mp3s, each about two hours long. The meditation teaching is at the end of Day 2.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4


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  1. Austin
    Jan 17, 2013 @ 17:07:37

    Meditating on one verse can be a very good exercise. I would caution that one should also keep the context of the verse in mind or it can essentially lead to insanity or wrong views.


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