God is Faithful.

This has been my mantra all throughout 2012 and through much of 2011 as well. After I graduated from APU in December 2010, I really had no idea what to do with myself. Little by little, things started coming together. I got a short-term marketing contract at a Wal-Mart, then a summer job at the Christian camp I grew up at which transitioned into a substitute position with their Outdoor Education program. In December of 2011, a year after graduation, I decided to take the leap toward going to IHOP in July 2012. Shortly thereafter I was hired full time with OE, got to work with the Christian camps on the weekends, and am now making great money, working with amazing people, at the camp in the mountains I absolutely love! And now, when I have a few short weeks left to buy a car, Jesus may have brought the perfect one right to me!

My God has been so, so unbelievably faithful to me.

It’s amazing for me to look back on and recount the last year or so, because there have been so many points of uncertainty and occasional downright anxiety. God has brought me through all those points, blessed me and taken care of me. It’s like I wrote about when I was on CR–those pockets of peace God always sends me to pull me through the hard days. I cannot walk through the woods, with the fragrant branches of the incense cedar and the wide blue sky spread out above me like a curtain, and NOT marvel at his beauty and goodness, both in allowing this to be my life and in just who he is. He has blessed me so many times over, and it’s completely not fair. I’m starting to feel like the world is really off balance, or maybe I’m due for a crash, ha. For some reason, he still chooses to give me so much joy and beauty and abundance, and all I know how to do is affirm in gratitude, over and over, “God is faithful.”


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