Idris’ First [mis]Adventure

Life is temporarily back to normal… whatever “normal” is anymore. I came home from camp on Thursday, and discovered that I can indeed fit six months of my life in my car, and also that driving on the mountain doesn’t intimidate me nearly as much as it used to. I am living at home for the next two weeks or so, and trying to fill my suddenly very empty schedule with babysitting, arranging insurance etc for IHOP, planning a party, and packing/organising my room. Well, I did have a bit of an adventure yesterday…

Just when I was thinking that I could get used to having my own wheels, Idris (my new car) stalled on my way home from the thrift store down the street. Sigh. I was sitting in traffic a few car lengths away from a busy intersection with my fifteen-year-old sister in the passenger’s seat, and the car just refused to go forward when the light turned green. The engine cranked just fine, but wouldn’t start. I called Mom (yes, I still rely on my mommy) while my sister fumbled around trying to turn on my hazard lights. I sat there for only about three minutes, though, because just when I was about to do an epic *headsteeringwheel* and silently praying, “Okay, God, this one’s up to you,” two LDS missionaries passing by spotted me and offered to help push us into a nearby parking lot. Never in my life have I been happier to see those white shirts, ties, and nametags! We had a brief pleasant conversation afterwards. In retrospect, I wish I would have asked them about some of the things that confuse me about Mormon theology, but I was too distracted at the time to be thinking about that. Ah well. I have plenty of Mormon friends, so perhaps another time. 🙂

My mom, my uncle, and the AAA guy all met us in the parking lot. My uncle took a quick look under the hood and said that it was probably just a blocked fuel line, quick and easy to repair. He also said that it’s a good thing this happened NOW instead of on the road to KC somewhere. I calmed down greatly after talking to him, and then he gave the three of us a ride to the mechanic and then back home.

So, Idris is now getting a full checkup at the mechanic and I will hopefully have her back on Monday. And my uncle is right; God was very much taking care of me by letting this happen now, protecting me while I was dead in the middle of the street, and sending me a couple of handsome young men trying to do his work to help me out. Not to mention my uncle being in town to help me and the mechanic being so helpful and trustworthy. Even in the un-fun times, I love seeing how God is pulling strings behind the scenes. I am so glad he’s always got my back. This next season of my life is going to be such an incredible adventure.


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