Kansas City or Bust!

I’m writing this from a hotel room in Richfield, Utah. Yep, it finally happened. I am ON MY WAY.

Also, it’s my birthday. Happy birthday, me!

I’ve been packing for a while now, but yesterday after church (frickin AWESOME message by Dave McDaniel!) I finished up and had everything in Idris by 6:00. I was pretty excited to get it all ready that early. I finished out the evening by watching a new (to us) episode of Warehouse 13 with my daddy. It’s a tradition of ours to watch our shows together, and Warehouse 13 is one of our favourites. 🙂

This morning I said goodbye to him at 6:40 before he left for work–mmm, extra long daddy hug. ❤ My mom made me breakfast, and after lots more hugging (and maybe a few tears) I was off at 8:30. Not too shabby.

The  road was very… long. And hot. And mostly empty. Thankfully, I had strong AC and a loverly ipod library to keep me happy.  (Hallelujah, my FM transmitter works beautifully!) I listened to a random mix of worship songs, then my Happy Mix and the live Joy cd from IHOP, and finally two messages from Mike Bickle (IHOP’s founder/head leader person) before arriving, safe and sound, at my hotel. Tomorrow I’ll chug on through to Colorado. 480 miles down, 1359 to go!

I gotta get all this in my car?! (Minus the big blue box. That’s full of all the fabric I’m NOT taking.)

Well, apparently it worked. Kansas City HO!

Hello, Arizona!

And hello, Utah! (I was in Las Vegas too, just missed the Nevada sign.)


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