Hello again, everyone! I was realising it’s been way too long since I blogged, so here we go. Sorry Testimony Thursday hasn’t happened in a while, but I haven’t actually gone out on outreach since UMKC two weeks ago. On-base testimonies lately include a girl at IHOPU who’d been suffering from a nervous system disorder for two years get out of her wheelchair two weeks ago!!

I served again in CEC on Friday night, and it was awesome as per usual. We talked about Daniel 9 and the 70 weeks. I feel like I got some really good clarity right alongside the kids!

I spent last weekend in North Carolina for a friend’s wedding. It was absolutely beautiful to see these two wonderful people join their lives together before God. And since I’ve actually never met the bride, I spent the hours leading up to the wedding hanging out with the groom and his groomsmen. That was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, to be sure!

This weekend has been consumed with the Zechariah conference Mike Bickle did at IHOPKC. Twelve sessions in three days going through Zechariah and its end times prophecies verse by verse. It was intensely amazing. I’ve never really studied that book before, so I am so excited to take my notes back to the prayer room and pore over them again! You can get mp3s and notes of the whole conference at

I’ve been studying Mary of Bethany a lot recently, and I’ve started writing a first person story of her relationship with Jesus. It’s very much still in first draft mode, and there’s a ton of historical info I want to research and add, but here’s a taste:

By this time I had worked my way around the table and was standing almost right behind the rabbi. After he finished his story, he turned around and looked at me. I realized he had been watching me out of the corner of his eye the whole time.

“Hi, I’m Yeshua,” he said. “What’s your name?”

It was probably the last thing I expected him to say, so it took me a second to respond.

“I’m Miriam,” I said.

“Thank you for having us in your home, Miriam,” he said. “What did you think of the stories?”

“I thought they were beautiful,” I answered. “They really sounded like the same story, though—giving up everything for the one thing that is most valuable.”

“Exactly,” he said with a smile. “Those who really want the kingdom will be willing to surrender everything for it.”

I didn’t even know what to say, the way the rabbi – Yeshua – was looking at me. His eyes were really quite ordinary, but something about them was completely un-ordinary. I felt like he was really seeing me, not just looking at me. It should have been awkward, but it wasn’t.

“Would you like to sit down?” he asked.

“May I?” I asked, but even as I said it, I was already setting the pitcher down and moving to sit, right next to his feet. He smiled even bigger. And I smiled back at him.

I suddenly decided I didn’t care if the disciples were giving me funny looks, or if Martha was still waiting for me to bring back the pitcher. Yeshua had smiled at me and invited me to sit with him. And so sit I would.

He kept talking, telling many more stories about the kingdom of God. Eleazar peppered him with questions. Yeshua answered with things like, “I know you’ve heard the saying, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But this is what I say: Don’t resist evil. If someone hits you on the right cheek, turn your left check to him also.” “You’re blessed when you hunger and thirst for righteousness, because you will be filled.” “You are the light of the world. If a city is set on a hill, it can’t be hidden.”

We had never heard anything like it before. Yeshua wasn’t teaching straight out of the Law, or Greek philosophy, or the Zealots’ dreams of uprising. This was something completely new. And yet it wasn’t like he was disregarding the Law. It felt like he was taking it a step beyond the Law, but also at the same time a step back. I can’t explain it. All I know is that I lost all track of time, and I felt like I belonged in this picture he was painting. I have never felt more at home in my life than sitting there at his feet.

God’s been stirring so many things up in me, and writing is just a piece of it. I’m so excited to see where this journey takes me.

I’ll leave you today with one of my new favourite passages from Zechariah:

“Sing and rejoice, O daughter of Zion, for behold, I come and I will dwell in your midst, declares the LORD. And many nations shall join themselves to the LORD in that day, and shall be my people. And I will dwell in your midst, and you shall know that the LORD of hosts has sent me to you. And the LORD will inherit Judah as his portion in the holy land, and will again choose Jerusalem.”

Zechariah 2:10-12


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