The Road Home: Time to Trust

Hello, again. Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been keeping very busy babysitting and doing SEEP online classes for IHOPU. It’s been wonderful at times, and a struggle at times– doing IHOPU classes and prayer room hours online 1700 miles away from the IHOPKC community is about as difficult as it sounds. But I’m pressing through, God’s teaching me a lot, and I’m getting more and more anxious to hit the east-bound highways again.

Throughout this whole journey, I’ve been fairly self-reliant. I’ve been building up my savings, keeping careful track of my budget, and paying for everything out-of-pocket thus far. However, that’s not going to be possible much longer. I’m coming to the point where I can’t put my trust in careful preparations anymore and have to humble myself to ask for help and leave it in God’s hands.

To that end, I’ve set up a gofundme account where anyone who’d like to can support me financially. Of course, the number one way I’m hoping you’ll support me is through prayer, but if God’s placing it in your heart to do more, here’s the link:

(Business item: donations made through gofundme are not tax-deductible, but donations made directly through IHOPKC are. I’m going to get in touch with them and figure out how to get that set up. Let me know if that’s something you’d like to do, and I’ll let you know how you can ASAP.)

I am so grateful for everyone who has read this blog and left me notes of encouragement and support throughout this journey. You remind me that I’m on the right path. God bless you.



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