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These are some of the most common questions I’ve heard.
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House of Prayer FAQ
The Prayer Room FAQ


What is IHOPKC? 

IHOPKC is the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri, an evangelical missions base and prayer community. It is not a church (although Forerunner Christian Fellowship is an extension of IHOPKC), but rather a gathering and sending place for believers. The heartbeat of IHOPKC is found in the Global Prayer Room, which features 24/7 prayer and worship and has been operating literally nonstop since September 19, 1999. “At IHOP–KC, we are committed to prayer, fasting, the Great Commission, and to living as forerunners, spiritually preparing for the unique dynamics of the end times. The work of our ministry includes equipping and sending out missionaries as dedicated intercessors and evangelists who work to see revival within the Church and a harvest among those searching for God. We take seriously the mandate to train believers to love Jesus and others wholeheartedly as together we go forth to preach the Word, heal the sick, serve the poor, plant houses of prayer, and proclaim the return of Jesus across the earth.” Read more

How many people are at IHOPKC?

The total number of staff, students, and interns at IHOPKC is around 2000. Many more live in the community and just come to the prayer room and services.

Kansas City – wait, shouldn’t that be in Kansas?

It’s actually right on the state line between Kansas and Missouri. IHOPKC is on the Missouri side in south KC.

I have an IHOP in my hometown!

That’s great that there’s a house of prayer by you– but unless you live in Kansas City, it’s not actually part of IHOPKC. IHOPKC is very supportive of other houses of prayer, and many HOPs have been inspired by IHOPKC’s vision and prayer model, but it’s not a franchise. Interestingly enough, many houses of prayer are popping up all over the world without even having heard of IHOPKC… that’s really a testament to the fact that this prayer thing is really something God’s raising up in a more focused way in this generation.

Do you know Mike Bickle or Misty Edwards?

Nope, not personally, but I used to see them around all the time. (No, I cannot help you get Misty Edwards to come sing at your church.)

What does IHOPKC believe?

Check out our statement of beliefs, and well as our affirmations and denials. IHOPKC is non-denominational, evangelical, charismatic, and theologically conservative. Eschatologically (because that’s a big deal around here), we hold historic premillennialism with a victorious praying church.

Much more info can be found in the About section at IHOPKC.org.

One Thing Internship

What is the One Thing internship?

IHOP’s One Thing internship is a five month internship for single young adults aged 18-25. The focus is on a Psalm 27:4 kind of pursuit of the presence of God in a consecrated lifestyle of radical holiness, out of loving obedience to Jesus as our supreme delight. The program includes prayer, worship, fasting, outreach, core training in theology and ministry, and small group community and accountability. Read more

“I just want to say right here that your three month internship – or your six month internship – really is a missions trip. Everything that you’re going to be doing on this base for that three- to six-month period is missions work. You will be praying, you will be preaching, you will be studying the Word, you will be serving, you will be doing works of evangelism, and so this three- to six-month period is missions work. Yes, you are a student as well and you are learning, but you’re a ‘missionary-slash-student.'” –Rob Parker with IHOP’s Forerunner Partnership Development

When did you do the One Thing Internship?

I did OTI July-December 2012.

How many interns were there?

My internship had around 90 interns.

Where did you live?

Housing is provided for interns in the form of shared apartments and includes three meals a day and utilities.

What was your schedule like?

Lots of teaching time and LOTS of prayer room time. Check it out here.

How did OTI impact you?

I came believing that God was calling me to set aside a concentrated period of my life to be wholly devoted to him, as Mary of Bethany poured out her worship at Jesus’ feet. (Read more about what drew me to OTI.) While I was there, I caught an even bigger vision: a global end-time prayer and worship movement that would grow the church into a wholehearted bride and anointed prophetic voice in preparation for Jesus’ return. (Read more HERE and HERE about how that vision was growing in me during OTI.)

I’m thinking about doing the One Thing Internship…

YES!!! This is a supremely wise decision for any young adult. Even if you go on to do vastly different things with your life afterward, you will grow SO much from taking a season to earnestly seek Him in a context of prayer and worship. Go HERE to check out details and apply!


What is IHOPU?

IHOPU (International House of Prayer University) is a four year non-accredited Bible school in Kansas City, MO. It’s an extension of the International House of Prayer Missions Base that’s been doing 24/7 prayer and worship since 1999.

From the website: “IHOPU’s mandate is to equip and send out believers who love Jesus and others wholeheartedly to preach the Word, heal the sick, serve the poor, plant churches, lead worship, start houses of prayer, and proclaim the return of Jesus.

IHOPU stands in an environment of 24/7 worship-based prayer and a thriving missions base. We are establishing a community built around the centrality of the Scripture, prayer, and worship in a context where the Word of God is continuously expressed through singing, praying, and expressions of ministry to others.” Read more on IHOPU’s About page.

Why did you decide to do IHOPU after already doing OTI?

I never intended to go back. I half-expected to fall in love with the prayer room and never want to leave, but I also expected to be “practical” and come back home to California to do practical grown-up things like settle into a real full-time job somewhere (no idea where, of course). I already graduated from a four-year Christian university two years before. Why would I want to go back to school and do it all over again?

The bulk of the answer is two-fold. One, the reasons that drew me to IHOP in the first place did not change just because I did my six months. I am still Mary of Bethany. I am still called to sit at His feet. If anything, that calling became stronger, because after OTI I had so much more understanding of why. I was created for that place of prayer.

Two, IHOPU is a thoroughly unique place because it’s theological education and ministry training coupled with the place of prayer and worship. Students have a required 18 hours per week in the prayer room (at least, that was the requirement when I started, but policies change pretty frequently). I don’t know of any other school in the world that places that kind of priority on prayer. As a result, the gifts of the Spirit flow freely, there’s SO much freedom, so much provoking toward holiness and deeper love, and most uniquely, there’s such a huge emphasis on Jesus’ return and our calling to partner with God for His purposes in this last (or almost last) generation.

What did you study?

From the website: “Freshman and sophomore students at FSM [Forerunner School of Ministry, the branch I was in] take classes in the Forerunner Program, which helps students cultivate a lifestyle of prayer and fasting and a love for the Word of God. Our desire is to see every student discipled through regular interaction with leaders and fellow students as they reach for the fullness of God’s destiny in their lives. Students are taught, equipped, and mentored in healing, prophecy, and deliverance. It is our aim that upon completion of this program, every student will have a two-year history in prayer, fasting, and the Word of God, and be further equipped to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.” Read more about FSM.

At IHOPU, students choose their major their junior year. I chose the House of Prayer Leadership major. I gained hands-on training and mentoring in the theology, vision, and mechanics of planting, leading, serving, and growing a house of prayer.

Some of my favourite classes were Biblical Hermeneutics, Song of Solomon, Old and New Testament Survey, Modern Priesthood, Foundations of Biblical Eschatology, and Biblical Theology of Israel.

So were you a student or a missionary?

Both! Firstly, I was an intercessory missionary, set in the place of prayer as a watchman on the wall (Isaiah 52:8; 62:6). Then and now, I believe my voice moves heaven and earth. Also, ministry to others is a big part of that, such as the weekly kids’ outreach with KidCity7 I did my sophomore year, and the yearly ministry trips IHOPU leads to cities across the nation. Secondly, I was a student being trained in theology and ministry for the most effective life possible, specifically in the prayer movement.

Did you start with your freshman year?

Not quite. My internship counted as the first semester, so I did an 8-week intensive online program called SEEP (Summer Early Entrance Program) to catch up the second semester so I could enter in the fall as a sophomore. This also allowed me to be in the same class as all my intern friends who stayed in Kansas City and jumped straight into IHOPU!

Where did you live?

Housing is not provided for students, but there are many families in the IHOPKC community who rent out rooms and houses. I ended up renting a different house with different friends every year, although I certainly could have stayed at my first place if I had wanted to.

I’m thinking about doing IHOPU…

YES!! This is an excellent decision. You will not find a ministry school or a music school more soaked in prayer, worship, and the Word anywhere in the world, in my opinion. As a personal word of advice, if you’re under age 25, I suggest doing the One Thing Internship first, then transferring into IHOPU. OTI allows you to start with a season of undistracted consecration to the Lord in a closely knit community. No one who has done OTI first (whom I’ve talked to) has ever regretted it, and IHOPU leadership loves OTI so much that they’ve tossed around the idea of requiring it for the first semester. But one way or the other, IHOPU is an amazing place to get grounded in the word and build a lifestyle of ministry from the place of prayer and worship. Visit IHOPU.org for all the details.


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