Last updated October 8, 2015.

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What is IHOP? 

First of all, it has nothing to do with pancakes. 😉 IHOPKC (we’re trying to transition to using the fuller acronym to avoid confusion) is the International House of Prayer, an evangelical missions organization and prayer community in Kansas City, Missouri. It is not a church (although Forerunner Christian Fellowship is an extension of IHOPKC), but rather a gathering and sending place for believers. The heartbeat of IHOPKC is found in the Global Prayer Room, which features 24/7 prayer and worship and has been operating literally nonstop since September 19, 1999. “At IHOP–KC, we are committed to prayer, fasting, the Great Commission, and to living as forerunners, spiritually preparing for the unique dynamics of the end times. The work of our ministry includes equipping and sending out missionaries as dedicated intercessors and evangelists who work to see revival within the Church and a harvest among those searching for God. We take seriously the mandate to train believers to love Jesus and others wholeheartedly as together we go forth to preach the Word, heal the sick, serve the poor, plant houses of prayer, and proclaim the return of Jesus across the earth.” Read more

How many people are at IHOPKC?

The total number of staff, students, and interns at IHOPKC is around 2000. Many more live in the community and just come to the prayer room and services.

Kansas City – wait, shouldn’t that be in Kansas?

It’s actually right on the state line between Kansas and Missouri. IHOPKC is on the Missouri side in south KC.

I have an IHOP in my hometown!

That’s great that there’s a house of prayer by you– but unless you live in Kansas City, it’s not actually part of IHOPKC. IHOPKC is very supportive of other houses of prayer, and many HOPs have been inspired by IHOPKC’s vision and prayer model, but we’re not a franchise. Interestingly enough, many houses of prayer are popping up all over the world without even having heard of IHOPKC… that’s really a testament to the fact that this prayer thing is really something God’s raising up in a more focused way in this generation.

Do you know Mike Bickle or Misty Edwards?

Nope, not personally, but I see them around all the time. (No, I cannot help you get Misty Edwards to come sing at your church.)

What does IHOPKC believe?

Check out our statement of beliefs, and well as our affirmations and denials. IHOPKC is non-denominational, evangelical, charismatic, and theologically conservative. Eschatologically (because that’s a big deal around here), we hold historic premillennialism with a victorious praying church.

Much more info can be found in the About section at IHOPKC.org.


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