Dallas Externship FAQ

Last updated August 22, 2015

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What is an externship?

An externship is a semester or a summer spent serving at and learning from another house of prayer, church, or ministry, outside of IHOPU. It’s an opportunity to get involved in a ministry in my area of study and get some real hands-on experience in the prayer movement outside of the classroom.

An externship is required for IHOPU students in my major (House of Prayer Leadership). It’s required for certain other majors as well, and anyone can choose to do one whether or not it’s required for them. Students may do an internship during the spring of their junior year, the fall of their senior year (what I’m doing), or the summer in between.

Where are you doing your externship?

I’m doing my externship at The Prayer Room in Arlington, TX, in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I first heard from them when they presented at IHOPU’s externship expo in spring 2014, and I immediately fell in love with their heart for 24/7 worship. I’ve met up with them several times since and even visited for a weekend in fall 2014. I already feel like they’re family and I’m so excited to spend four months with them!

Tell me about The Prayer Room.

The Prayer Room (TPR) is a parachurch ministry in Arlington, TX, that runs 18 hours of prayer a day, 7 days a week. They started as a daily prayer meeting in 2005 when God gave a clear and dramatic word to the director, Brad Stroup, to “Start a daily prayer meeting tomorrow at 5:00 am and don’t stop until I come back.”

Check out my The Prayer Room DFW FAQ page for more info!

What are you doing exactly?

I am singing and leading worship on keys in the prayer room, leading the prayer room as a section leader, assisting in the Community Life division (helping plan events and services), learning from everything they have to teach me, interacting weekly with an advisor/supervisor, participating in a small group, doing some teaching, and continuing some of my IHOPU classes along with my classmates online.

Can you work during the externship?

No, I’m not able to have a job during the externship. Serving the base is a full-time job in itself! I’m also not planning to work during my final semester in Kansas City, which is why I’ve been more intentional about inviting people to partner with me financially. (If you’d like to find out how you can join my partnership team, click here or on “Partner With Me” above.)

How many externs are with you?

I was the only one until another IHOPU guy joined me halfway through the semester. However, there are two recent IHOPU graduates on staff whom I already know, and I already knew many of the TPR people from previous visits, so I don’t feel at all like a stranger.

Where are you living?

Since I’m a worship leader, the ministry is providing housing for me in a house with a young couple and their 6-month-old baby girl! The house was originally purchased as the first home of The Prayer Room after they graduated from the director’s living room.

When does it start?

I arrived on Friday, August 14. The externship officially started on August 17 and will end on December 11.

What will you be doing afterwards?

I plan to spend my Christmas break at home in California, then finish up my final semester in Kansas City in the spring.

How can I pray for you?

  • Continued financial provision.
  • Anointing as I lead worship.
  • Growth in musical skill.
  • Grace for my IHOPU classes.
  • Godly, provoking relationships among the community at TPR.
  • Single-minded focus in the prayer room.
  • Boldness and anointing in moving with the Holy Spirit in whatever he’s doing.
  • Direction and provision for after graduation.

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