One Thing FAQ

Last updated September 27, 2012

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What is the One Thing internship?

IHOP’s One Thing internship is a six month internship for single young adults aged 18-25. The focus is on a Psalm 27:4 kind of pursuit of the presence of God in a consecrated lifestyle of radical holiness, out of loving obedience to Jesus as our supreme delight. The program includes extensive prayer and fasting, justice outreaches, core training in theology and ministry, and small group community and accountability. Read more

“I just want to say right here that your three month internship – or your six month internship – really is a missions trip. Everything that you’re going to be doing on this base for that three- to six-month period is missions work. You will be praying, you will be preaching, you will be studying the Word, you will be serving, you will be doing works of evangelism, and so this three- to six-month period is missions work. Yes, you are a student as well and you are learning, but you’re a ‘missionary-slash-student.'” –Rob Parker with IHOP’s Forerunner Partnership Development

Why are you doing this?

I believe God is calling me to set aside a concentrated period of my life to be wholly devoted to him. He has marked me as a Mary of Bethany, who poured out her worship at Jesus’ feet. Read more

How many interns will there be?

As of right now (May 7, 2012) there are 90 students who have applied, and most will be accepted. At least 60 have already received acceptances.

Can you date during the internship?

Actively dating is not allowed during the internship, as it would be a distraction from singular pursuit of Jesus. However, interns who are in a relationship before coming to IHOP may communicate via written mail only. Read more

Where will you live?

Housing is provided for interns in the form of shared apartments and includes three meals a day and utilities.

When does it start?

The internship begins on July 12, 2012, and ends on December 17, 2012.

Tell me about tuition.

Tuition for the six month internship is $4,900. This covers housing, utilities, three meals a day, and classes. Books and materials, as well as personal expenses such as laundry, are not included. $400 is due two weeks after acceptance, and the rest is due before the start of the internship. As of May 7, 2012, my tuition is all paid!!

How are you covering tuition?

As of May 7, 2012, my tuition is all in! I was enormously blessed to get a job as a trail guide at an outdoor science school in the San Bernardino Mountains. I was able to supplement that with a restaurant cashier job (Sept-Dec) and weekend Christian programs at the same camp (Jan-June). It came together beautifully–God is so good!

Are you asking for financial support?

No, I am not. This is something I’d like to do on my own as much as possible.

How can I pray for you?

  • My acceptance into the internship (GOT IT – 4-13-12)
  • Financial provision (TUITION PAID – 5-7-12)
  • Discipline in budgeting!
  • Buying a car–I need to drive out to Kansas City. (GOT IT – 5-31-12)
  • God to prepare my heart, both to encounter him and to honour the authorities and boundaries.
  • The no dating thing – not gonna lie, part of me expects it to be freeing, part of me expects to be distracted anyway.
  • Godly, provoking relationships among my roommates, core group, and the internship as a whole.
  • Single-minded focus in the prayer room.
  • Boldness and anointing in moving with Holy Spirit in whatever he’s doing.
  • Direction and provision for after the internship.

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