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Quick and simple ways to give (not tax-deductible):


Keep reading for the tax-deductible method (especially if you want to give monthly):

I am building a team of partners who will support me through finances and/or prayer. Prayer is, of course, the number one way you can help, but some of you might also feel called to give in other ways as well. I would so honoured if you would consider partnering with God in what he’s doing through me and in the global prayer movement with a monthly donation of finances. Even a small amount of $10 or $20 a month can make a big difference for me.

There are two ways you can do this.

ONE: You can make a tax-deductible donation online directly through The Prayer Room Missions Base.

  1. Go to and click “Donate”.
  2. Click “First time? New User Registration”.
  3. Click “Give Now” or “Scheduled Giving”. (If you plan to give monthly, I really suggest that you schedule it automatically.)
  4. Select “Caitlyn Lutz” in the “To:” drop-down menu and fill in the rest of the information.
  5. There is a fee of about 4% to give online via credit card, but giving via checking account has much lower fees. Click “Use Check” with the little picture of a check to give that way.

If you’re setting up a monthly gift, you can choose when you want to start and how long you want it to go. If you want to give $50 for a year starting January 1, you can do that! Simply choose monthly, 12 installments, and start 1/1/17. It’s so easy, and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your monthly gift. If you don’t have an end date in mind, choose the maximum number of installments and we’ll handle ending your monthly commitment whenever that time comes.


TWO: You can mail a check directly to The Prayer Room, also tax-deductible.

Make your check out to The Prayer Room and DO NOT put my name on it anywhere. The IRS considers it illegal to “tell” a non-profit how to allocate funds and we won’t be able to accept it. Write my name on a separate piece of paper or sticky note and the finance department will know what to do with it.

Mail the check to:

The Prayer Room
ATTN: Finance Department
1503 Nora Dr
Pantego TX 76013


Choose whichever option suits you best if you’d like to partner with me financially, whether through a special gift or monthly gift. If not, I’d still love to stay in touch with you! You can input your email address to follow my blog by clicking the link on the right of this page. I post updates and encouragement here as often as I can.

Thank you for all of your support, in whichever way you can give it. The encouragement I get from all of you blesses me so much. I look forward to partnering with you as together we seek to love Jesus more and pray His kingdom down to Earth.

Grace and peace,



Leading worship at The Prayer Room

Leading the Immerse internship, spring 2017

Section leading and prayer leading an intercession set


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