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all teachings pic 2Someone asked me once what my main “message” is that I have to teach and preach. Here is how I would answer:

I want people to see the supremacy of the beauty of Jesus in a way that makes their hearts come alive with love for Him and catches them up into the Story of what He’s doing in our generation.

To simplify:

1) Jesus is beautiful. 2) Love Him. 3) Join Him.

I pray that everything I ever say is in rhythm with that heartbeat.

My teaching audio and notes

Mary of Bethany: Choosing the One Thing MP3 at Abundant Living Fellowship 6-28-15
PDF notes
Four Functions of the Priesthood MP3 at The Prayer Room Missions Base 11-3-15
PDF notes (with bonus Priest Forever spoken word)
The Beauty of Jesus MP3 at The Prayer Room Missions Base 12-1-15
PDF notes
Partnering with God in Intercession MP3 at Grace Awakening Ministries 1-11-16
PDF notes
The Worthiness of the Humility of Jesus MP3 at The Prayer Room Missions Base 8-4-18
Youtube video
PDF notes

My teaching audio only (MP3)
Mary of Bethany at Refuge House of Prayer 12-4-16

My teaching notes only (PDF)
God the Artist
The Fragrance Filled the House: Mary’s Anointing of Jesus at Bethany
The House of Prayer: Making God’s Dreams Come True
Song of Solomon:
Draw Me After You: Intimacy with Jesus
Come Away With Me: Invitation to a New Season
The Mountain of Myrrh: Invitation to Partnership in Suffering
Your Eyes Are Doves: Looking At Jesus
Radiant and Ruddy: The Beauty of Jesus
Session 1 – Themes and Structure
Session 2 – Bridegroom, King, and Judge
Session 3 – Jesus’ Second Coming


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