Heartsong Handmade

I promised an official announcement as soon as my new Etsy store was up and running, so here it is!

Heartsong Handmade features handmade brown paper/mixed media greeting cards with a vintage, shabby chic inspired style. I’ve been using a lot of the fabric scraps I have in my collection from past sewing projects, as well as old book pages and illustrations, and I enjoy seeing how various materials can come together to create something entirely fresh and unexpected.

Check out some of my favourite cards below, and then go to the page and check out more! You can also follow me on Pinterest to see more designs as soon as I post them.

Also, buying from my Etsy store is a great way to support me as an intercessory missionary and get something fun for yourself or a friend in return! 😉

Starlings in Winter Poem

Vintage Nautical

Vintage Victorian Storefront


God The Artist

Hello, all! It’s been far too long since my last post, I know, I apologise… I’m officially 13 days away from the end of the internship, which is very bittersweet, but I’m determined to make the most of these last few weeks.

I had an opportunity last week to share a teaching with my core group. I prepared notes and talked on who God is as the original and ultimate Artist, how all art flows out of his Beauty, and how we are created to create. It’s somewhat an expansion of a blog I wrote several years ago, but goes much deeper into the theology with much more biblical support. I got sooo into it, and I believe it was one of the most fun things I’ve done in a long time. Teaching is definitely something I want to do much more of in the future. 🙂 I have the notes available for download for anyone who’s interested.

Quickie version:

1) God is beautiful.

2) God creates beautiful things.

3) We are created to create.


As always at IHOP, our copyright is the “right to copy” when it comes to teaching material, so feel free to take this and run with it in any way you like. 🙂

God the Artist teaching notes